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What happened to gold prices last night?

Gold Bullion Bars

With all of the market manipulation, paper markets and central bank printing, it’s anyone’s guess what happened to gold prices last night, but here are some of the more logical theories that explain yesterday’s 500 ton paper gold sell-off: The paper gold market is collapsing, and smart money is dumping their paper before it’s too…

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Record request for phyical gold delivery on the COMEX

Die Hard Gold

COMEX is normally a “paper gold” market in which investors rarely convert their contracts to physical gold. But in February, requests for physical delivery of gold on the COMEX set a record, reaching 43.26 tons (1,391,000 ounces).  By comparison, previous records were around 10 tons. Have recent requests by Germany, Switzerland and Venezuela to return…

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Billionaire Eric Sprott Predicts Shortage in Physical Gold

Eric Sprott

On Christmas Eve 2012, billionaire investor Eric Sprott spoke with SeekingAlpha and discussed the current gold-buying sprees of the central banks of the world. Sprott pointed out that central banks continue to buy gold in developed and emerging countries. He does not believe western banks hold the amount of physical gold they claim to possess,…

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Why you should own physical gold, precious metals

Most gold that is traded on the market isn’t actually gold; it’s paper or digits on a computer.  In the same way your bank does not actually hold your savings in cash in a vault, gold brokers do not actually own all the gold that they trade.  In fact, for every ounce of physical gold,…

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