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Compare Gold and Silver Prices

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Money History

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Money as Debt: 3 Videos

9 to 1 Loans

The Money as Debt video series by Paul Grignon explains how the banking system works in simple terms. He covers a brief history of money and shows how the current fractional-reserve banking system is just a new twist on one of the oldest tricks in the book. See more informative videos at Paul Gringon’s youtube…

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The Lifespan of Reserve Currency Status

Reserve Currency Status

The US dollar is the reserve currency of the world. A reserve currency is a currency that is held in significant quantities by many governments as part of their foreign-exchange reserves. A side-effect of being the world’s reserve currency is that whenever a country purchases a commodity, they do so using dollars. So when France…

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Dollar Devaluation since 1913

Dollar Devaluation 1913-2013

To devalue a currency, like the dollar, means that the value of the currency decreases. In the case of the dollar, we call this dollar devaluation.  The value of a currency is also referred to as purchasing power.  The more a currency is devalued, the less you can buy with it because the purchasing power…

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Download What Has Government Done to Our Money? by Murray N. Rothbard

What Has The Government Done to Our Money

I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to read the book, What Has Government Done to Our Money? by Murray N. Rothbard, which you can download here (free and legal). This short book will give you an overview of the history of money, define money in simple terms, and explain how the…

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