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The Dollar Loses Half Its Value Every Four Years

Kent Lambert

While proposing SB 12-137, a bill that would make precious metals legal tender, Colorado Senator Kent Lambert shows how the dollar loses half of its value every 4 years.

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Everything You Know Is Wrong

Weird Al Yankovic

We are bombarded by a constant stream of propaganda and talking points every day.  They are taught in the schools, repeated in all media, and parroted by the masses.  You can’t even enjoy a sitcom on TV without being re-educated by government-approved talking points.  You probably  argue against these points (fallacies, lies, myths) frequently, and…

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The Lifespan of Reserve Currency Status

Reserve Currency Status

The US dollar is the reserve currency of the world. A reserve currency is a currency that is held in significant quantities by many governments as part of their foreign-exchange reserves. A side-effect of being the world’s reserve currency is that whenever a country purchases a commodity, they do so using dollars. So when France…

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